Just in time for the holidays, we are delighted to unveil our new collection of 4 unique candles, as a part of our upcoming Frankie for Home extension. This will expand the Frankie lifestyle beyond just your closet.


The object itself is its own luxurious accent for the home, with a weighted, matte mouth-blown glass tumbler. The gently etched Frankie Shop logo becomes illuminated by the flame once the candle reaches one third of its total burn time. With a blend of natural waxes and an organic cotton wick, each 8.64 oz candle is crafted in France with its own distinctive scent and colorway


Bougie No. 1 - Storm Grey; A minty and herbal scent - with a head note of dark mint, heart note of ginger and base note of lemon.

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Bougie No. 2 - Yellow; A bright scent with the ideal touch of sweetness - with a head note of solar carrot, heart note of iris and  base note of amber.

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Bougie No. 3 - Tan; A delicate and fresh scent - with a head note of tea, heart note of jasmine, and base note of musk.   

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Bougie No. 4 - Kelly Green; The perfect winter scent for cozy nights at home - with a head note of rosemary, a heart note of cedar wood, and a base note of hemp.

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