The Frankie Shop in London

The Frankie Shop is pleased to present our upgraded corner space boutique inside the iconic department store, Selfridges, London. This opening marks the beginning of a new expansion in the UK capital, which will continue with the opening of its own brick-and-mortar, hopefully in 2024.

London, a city renowned for its rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant fashion scene, has always held a special place in Frankie's heart. Recognized for its prominence as a fashion capital, it draws inspiration from its creative hub, Central Saint Martins, and the eclectic energy you find in its high-street markets. 

Our commitment to showcasing independent designers and curating unique, affordable fashion finds stems from the vibrant influences of London's bustling streets. With Selfridges as our initial starting point, we're excitedly anticipating expanding our boutique presence, soon to cater directly to those who live in this cosmopolitan city.  

The larger boutique promises an ambiance of sophistication, elegance, and understated glamour, characterized by neutral hues and materials that create an inviting yet modern atmosphere. Shoppers will now be able to see a wider selection of Frankie timeless silhouettes, along with an exclusive Satin capsule. 

The collection celebrates the 90s-inspired aesthetics, showcasing bold shoulders and silhouettes that exude confidence and allure. This collection embodies the essence of a modern, sophisticated woman. 

On Monday evening, we hosted an event at Caviar Kaspia to celebrate our new corner store launch and the premiere of our exclusive Satin capsule collection. Surrounded by a mix of familiar faces and new friends, the night was an unforgettable celebration. 

We aim to remain a niche brand with global relevance by bringing Frankie to select cities that inspire our identity and resonate with our creative universe. Stay tuned as we open up more spaces near you soon because life is too short not to feel confident in our clothes.