The Meeting Room

Introducing our latest editorial captured by the talented photographer Amanda Charchian.
The campaign features the captivating model/actress Dree Hemingway alongside Amira Ahmed, Nora Kryst, Amelia Kring, our founder Gaelle Drevet, and Harry Nuriev from Crosby Studios. 

Set against the backdrop of 'The Meeting Room,' a pop-up installation designed in collaboration with Crosby Studios, this photoshoot captures the essence of powerful women. The ambiance exudes corporate chic with nods to office culture, punctuated by the allure of pinstripes and subtle pops of color.

The stylist duo Anda Gentile, creatively experimented with our latest SS24 collection. Texture played a pivotal role, with leather and denim combinations adding depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic. Explore structured and powerful silhouettes with a hint of edginess, seamlessly complemented by the tactile set design by Crosby Studios.

Photographer: Amanda Charchian
Styling: Anda Gentile
Models: Dree Hemingway, Amira Ahmed, Nora Kryst, Amelia Kring
Makeup: Sophie Haig
Hair: Tiago Goya
Set Design: Crosby Studios
Production: Unemployed Agency